About Serpro Logistics

Serpro Logistics is a leading provider for logistical services in the Midwest. A national presence with regional focus, Serpro, Inc. originally incorporated as Couriers Inc in 1983. Serpro Logistics has seen tremendous growth beyond its traditional courier business—growing through expanded service offerings in the commodity market.


The company credits this growth to its recent focus on dedicated logistical solutions, including last-mile delivery solutions for corporate customers. While Serpro Logistics still operates a distribution division, in St. Louis, Kansas City and Dallas, the bulk of its revenues come from its logistics and last-mile delivery business.


Last-mile delivery is a "white glove" home delivery service for companies that need reliable, safe, clean, honest drivers and helpers to provide excellent service in the final delivery (and, sometimes, installation) of their products.


Serpro Logistics has earned a stellar reputation for providing outstanding customer service. In fact, we've earned numerous awards from our customers, including General Electric!


While many logistics companies are focused on providing cookie-cutter solutions, Serpro Logistics prides itself on its ability to craft unique solutions exclusively for its customers. When you select Serpro Logistics, you're choosing a collaborative partner who wants to help you grow your business—it's that simple. In other words, our first priority is you!


When you select Serpro Logistics you're working with a proven partner that has won numerous awards from customers like General Electric and The Home Depot for quality of service and customer satisfaction. That's because Serpro Logistics is driven to deliver!


Every time you put your package in our hands, you put your business on the line to some extent. And when the package doesn't get there, you have to answer the questions. That's why we pride ourselves on our track record of on-time deliveries and proactive package management.


We're not going to claim we're perfect, but more than 95% of the time, we meet our deadlines. And in the rare cases when we don't, we do something novel and almost unheard of—we hold ourselves accountable.


We'll call you and let you know about the problem and tell you how we are solving it, so you can manage things more effectively at your end.


Wouldn't your life be easier if you had a courier you could trust? You do now.