White Glove

Serpro Logistics has established an unquestioned track record of excellence in providing national retailers and manufacturers with leading-edge last-mile home delivery services.


Our “white glove” service has earned accolades throughout the industry. In fact, several of our customers have given us their top vendor recognition awards for the quality of our service. Serpro Logistics will handle just about any product from home electronics to furniture and appliances.


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  • Appliances

  • Furniture

  • Electronics

  • Home Healthcare


We recognize, when you partner with Serpro Logistics, that we are an extension of your business. As such, we take great care to give your customers the kind of service that will make you proud. After all, your customer is probably excited about their purchase—and a botched delivery could sour them on your company for life. Needless to say—we don’t take any delivery for granted!


Call us today at 1-800-405-4606 for a free initial consultation and to learn more about our white glove service!